Methylated Spirits

Mineralised Methylated Spirits is a denatured spirit prepared for industrial use. Suitable for use as a solvent for knotting solutions, spirit based varnishes, some spirit based paints and French polish. Methylated Spirits can also be used as a cleaner for paintwork, glassware and for wiping resinous matter from knots prior to knotting. It is also commonly used as a fuel for heating/cooking. Commonly known as Meths, Denatured Spirit, or Ethanol. It is formulated with a small quantity of Methanol and dyed purple to make it unfit-for-human-consumption.

Mineralised Methylated Spirits is available in 500ml, 2.5 litre and 5 litre sizes.

500 ml£2.85
2.5 litre£12.01
5 litre£21.39

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Methylated Spirits