14 inch Fossa MicroSilk Microfibre Double Arm Paint Roller Sleeve Medium Pile

14 inch Fossa MicroSilk Microfibre Paint Roller Sleeve is an excellent new medium pile (12mm / 0.5 inch) microfibre double-arm paint roller sleeve with the best plush microfibre fabric we've yet come across. It's large 14in size saves application time, whilst it's fabric produces a super smooth professional finish on walls and ceilings with smooth to semi-rough surfaces. It holds a huge quantity of paint for great productivity (less trips to the bucket), and like  microfibre fabrics in general benefits from very little shedding, and very low splatter.

This a standard European 14 x 1.75 inch dia. core fitted with end caps, that fits all our double arm paint rollers frames listed within the links on right hand side of page. It's larger diameter uses more fabric and thus holds more paint than equivalent 1.5in dia. USA microfiber sleeves.

  • 14in x 1.75in dia. core with end caps.
  • Super smooth finish.
  • Beveled ends
  • Very low shedding.
  • Very low splatter.
  • Washes out easily.
  • Thermofused fabric with solvent resistant core.

The Fossa MicroSilk Microfibre fabric is ideal for applying all paints, stains, emulsions, acrylic, dead flat and gloss paints. It's always best to pre-dampen the paint roller cover before using with water-borne paints, this ensures the paint roller cover performances at it's best when loading and releasing paint. Cleaning: After use immediately remove excess paint from roller fabric with a paint roller scraper. Water-borne coatings: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse until clean. Solvent-borne coatings: clean with solvent according to the coating manufacturers instructions.

Note: you can also buy this sleeve in a standard 9 inch cage refill, and 12 inch double-arm refill which comes fitted with end caps.

Each 14 inch Fossa MicroSilk Microfibre Medium Pile Paint Roller Refill Sleeve is individually wrapped, and is sold in singles, packs of 5 sleeves, and bulk cartons containing 54 sleeves to save you even more.

pack of 5£19.29
carton of 54£192.61

*all prices include VAT