14 inch Wooster Sherlock Cage Paint Roller Frame 1.5 in dia / Screw Fit

The Wooster Sherlock is a unique 14 inch / 1.5 inch dia. cage paint roller frame with polypropylene screw-fit handle.

The 14 inch frame is more productive than 9 inch or 12 inch frames, but weighs less, and has more control than using an 18 inch frame. It's just as productive as an 18 inch frame, but cuts painting contractors labour costs because it's single ended cage frame design means you can still get very close to corners, so that less cutting in is required.

Note: Note this frame only accepts USA style covers, like the Fossa MicroSilk 14 inch / 1.5 in dia. cage paint roller sleeves (see links to matching refill sleeves on right hand side of page).

The Wooster Sherlock is designed with a non-sprung glassfibre-reinforced plastic cage, which eliminates the occasional problems of sleeve distortion (when a sleeves rolls like a fifty pence piece), caused by traditional sprung metal cages. Wooster have designed a 12 spring locking collar, positioned at the very end of the cage, to ensure the sleeve stays put, and it really works. Sleeves roll smoothly, and don't wander off the cage over time, yet an easy one-rap techique releases them from the cage.

Smooth-rolling internal bearings eliminate shank wear and gray streaks. Full-size lightly textured polypropylene grip with bucket hook, and reinforced screw-fit thread. Chrome-plated 5/16 inch shank, with full 90-degree angle. Overall length 385mm.

Fits all our screw-fit extension poles, including the Wooster Sherlock GT.

Now you can easily clean your USA style 1.5 inch core sleeves with our 1.5 inch Paint Brush and Paint Roller Spinner / Cleaner.

The Wooster Sherlock is available to purchase in singles, or packs of 3 frames at a discount.

pack of 3£52.57

*all prices include VAT