18 inch Wooster Big Ben Double-Arm Paint Roller Frame

The Wooster Big Ben is a light but strong, simple screw-fit double-arm paint roller frame which only takes Wooster's 18 inch paint roller sleeves (with end caps). Manufactured from tough fibreglass-reinforced plastic throughout, with reinforced screw-fit extension pole thread.

To fit or remove a paint roller sleeve, you have to remove one of the frame legs, by squeezing the ears together at the top, and pushing the leg through the opening. Place the roller endcap over the pin of the other leg remaining in the frame, then insert the free leg pin into the opposite roller end cap. Then snap the frame leg back into the frame.

It's a unique solution for fitting replacement roller sleeves, but we're not absolutely sure it's the easiest way to go about it? The legs of the Big Ben are replaceable - should they become damaged, you can buy a spare pair from us (see links on right hand side of page). There is also absolutely no chance of the frame rusting, as it contains no metal.

Use with all our screw-fit extension poles, as well as the Wooster Sherlock GT.

The Wooster Big Ben is available to purchase in singles, or bulk packs of 6 frames saving you more.

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