9 inch Carpet Textured Paint Roller

9 inch Carpet Textured Paint Roller is a fine texturing paint roller for producing fine textured relief with high-build textured paints and coatings such as Sandtex High Build, Johnstones Jontex, and Leyland TruGuard Hi-Textured Paint etc. and can be used with other textured, stipple or sand paints to create your own textures.

After rolling a high build paint, the peaks of the texture can be gently flattened in a process called 'lacing' to produce a subtle and attractive textured finish, by very lightly running the blade of a flat Gok Wallpaper Smoother over the surface.

9 inch Carpet Textured Paint Roller uses a USA sized 1.5 inch diameter phenolic core which only fits matching 9 x 1.5 inch frames (which are linked on the right hand side of this page). Temporarily store the roller in Fossa Wet Bags to prevent drying out overnight, or when you need to pause. After use, wash out water-based textured paints in warm soapy water and rinse, or white spirit solvent-based paints in white spirits. Phenolic core rollers use a resin doped paper core, which will last for a few projects, but they are not considered to have the life expectancy of a PVC thermofused core.

The 9 inch Carpet Textured Paint Roller is sold in singles, and packs of 3 roller sleeves to save you even more.

pack of 3£31.03

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