9 inch Slit Foam Paint Roller Refill US 1.5 dia 9/16 in Nap

9 inch Slit Foam Paint Roller Refill / Sleeve manufactured using a special quality yellow foam, which has been slit at 5mm intervals dramatically improving its performance on structured surface. Only for use with 1.5 dia US style cage paint roller frames (see links on right hand side of page).

Manufactured on a US style 1.5 dia core and a 14mm (9/16 inch) nap, bonded to a solid PVC core using a liquid plastic process. It's a highly economical paint roller, which is suitable for all decorative paints and stains both oil-based and water-based, on semi-rough surfaces.

The slit foam enable this roller to deform less evenly than a traditional foam roller, as it moves over rough surfaces, dramatically improving coverage.  The performance of the paint roller improves as it becomes fully saturated with paint. Increasing pressure on the roller will release paint from inside the foam reservoir.

9 inch Slit Foam Paint Roller Refill / Sleeve is available to purchase in singles, or full cartons containing 12 paint rollers to save you even more.

carton of 12£43.88

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