9 inch Fossa Micropol Paint Roller Sleeve Medium Pile

Fossa Micropol premium mixed fabric medium pile cage paint roller refill / sleeve (15mm pile height). It's special blend of microfibre and polyester fibres which results in high paint loading, with very smooth, even paint transfer. When used with emulsions and acrylics on smooth to medium-rough surfaces, the resulting dry film finish is probably the smoothest we have seen from any paint roller sleeve on the market today. Blended microfibre fibre fabrics are a pretty new innovation, you can't really compare them to anything else, this one even feels odd to the touch.

Bear in mind you need to open up the Micropol fabric with a little bit of use, before you can get the best out of this sleeve. Manufactured using the latest thermo-fusion machinery for high solvent-resistance. This process heat welds the fabric to the inner plastic core using liquid plastic - creating the best bond possible. High paint absortion and release after working in. No matting. Solvent resistant. Use for applying emulsions, acrylics and other wall paints onto smooth to medium-rough surfaces.

1.75 inch dia. core for use with standard 1.75 diameter Cage Paint Roller frames (see links below photo). The Fossa Micropol is available in 9 inch (23cm) size. Paint roller sleeves are individually wrapped, and supplied in, singles, packs of 10, and cartons containing 54 sleeves at a great discount for bulk users.

bale of 10£22.32
carton of 54£118.10

*all prices include VAT