9 inch Wooster 50 50 Cage Paint Roller Sleeve - Long Pile

The Wooster 50/50 is a long pile 9 inch cage paint roller refill / sleeve. Manufactured using a  19mm pile (3/4 inch nap) shed-resistant, cream-colored, knitted fabric blend of 50% lambswool and 50% polyester, which is thermofused to a solid 1.75 inch diameter polypropylene core.

Offers good performance in all flat, satin or semi-gloss paints and coatings. Wool fibres provide good paint capacity and a smooth finish; polyester resists matting. Polorised opinions on this paint roller sleeve, some decorators like them, others don't. They can be a little splattery too, but they seem suited to interior blockwork projects, and exterior tasks on rough structured surfaces like tyrolean, roughcast and harling etc.

The Wooster 50/50 fits all our 9 inch cage paint roller frames. Available to purchase in singles, or full cartons of 12 to save you even more.

carton of 12£71.26

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