9 inch Wooster Micro Plush Cage Paint Roller Sleeve - Short Pile

The Wooster Micro Plush is a short pile 9 inch cage paint roller refill / sleeve. Manufactured from a 5/16 inch nap (8mm pile height) microfibre fabric, thermofused to a 1.75 inch polypropylene core.

The MicroPlush white micro fiber fabric is soft and silky to the touch, holds more paint, and the tiny fibres produce an extremely smooth and even finish with less splatter. Suitable for use with all paints and woodstains on smooth surfaces. Performs excellently with thinner coatings. However it's not a roller you would choose for speed and coverage, it's a finishing roller, often used for final laying-off of emulsions and acrylics on walls and ceilings using a two roller technique, to minimise the 'orange-peel' effect, producing the smoothest roller finish possible.

The Wooster Micro Plush is only available in a 5/16 nap, and fits all our 9 inch cage paint roller frames. Available to purchase in singles, or full cartons of 12 to save you even more.

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