9 inch Wooster Pro Doo-z Cage Paint Roller Sleeve - Long Pile

The Wooster Pro doo-z long pile 9 inch cage paint roller refill / sleeve, sits right at the top of Wooster's professional paint roller range. Manufactured from a Long Pile 3/4 inch nap (19mm pile height), shed resistant woven fabric which is suitable for use on medium surfaces.

All Wooster Prodooz (pronounced pro-doo-zee) rollers are thermofused to a solid 1.75 inch diameter plastic core. Solvent-resistant, and therefore suitable for use in all paints and coatings including enamels, primers, urethanes and epoxies.

The Pro Doo-z stays resilient, and resists matting, producing a top class, smooth professional finish. Professional decorators seem to rate this roller very highly. It's finished to an extremely high standard, probably the the best finished, fabric paint roller cover we've seen to date. Wooster claim it's virtually lint free, and following our own tests, we wouldn't argue with this claim.

Fits all our 9 inch cage paint roller frames. Available to purchase in singles, or full cartons of 12 to save you even more.

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