Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive

Erfurt MAV Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive is a super high strength ready mixed water-borne wallcovering adhesive specifically for use with both Wallrock, and KlimaTec ranges of insulating lining papers.

Higher strength, specifically formulated for use with our range of insulating lining papers (see links on right hand side of page) including:

  • Anaglypta Cosy Liner KV300
  • Wallrock Thermal Liner.
  • Wallrock Thermal Liner KV600
  • Erfurt MAV Insulating Paper Graphite Plus.
  • Erfurt MAV Red Label Insulating Paper.
  • KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic.
  • KlimaTec Pro.

All surfaces must be properly prepared, clean, dry, sound. All loose and flaking material should be removed. Imperfections in wall surfaces should be filled and levelled. Hard, smooth non absorbant surfaces such as wood panelling should be abraded lightly to provide a key. Ideally seal all porous surfaces with a water-borne stabilising solution or a specialist product like Zinsser Guardz, before applying this adhesive. Do NOT seal surfaces with PVA.

Application: Follow the manufacturers instructions. Do not apply when air or surface temperatures are below 10 deg C. Pour adhesive into a suitable paint tray, and apply adhesive generously directly to the wall using a long pile roller. Apply adhesive to an area a little wider (approx 3 inchs) than the width of the paper you are applying. Apply adhesive using a straight or notched spreader in hard to reach areas such as corners. Butt join each length of insulating wallcovering. Remove any excess adhesive with a damp cloth or decorators sponge.

Coverage: Maximum coverage is between 1.5 - 2.5 square meters per Kg. of material, dependent type of thermal wallcovering, and surface profile of the substrate:

Type of Wallcovering Approx Coverage (sq meters per Kg)
Anaglypta Cosy Liner R300 2.5
Klimatech Themovlies Basic 2.5
Erfurt MAV Red Label Insulating Paper 2
Erfurt MAV Insulating Paper Graphite Plus 2
Wallrock Thermal Liner 1.5
Wallrock Thermal Liner KV600 1.5
KlimaTec Pro Thermal Lining Paper 1.5


Note: Ensure adhesive is dry before over-painting, or decorating etc. Drying time is a minimum of 24 hours at 20 deg C. and good drying conditions, but may be extended due to low temperatures, humidity, drying conditions, and adhesive thickness. Protect from frost. Do NOT store below 5 deg C.

Erfurt MAV Anaglypta Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive is available in 5 Kg & 10 Kg re-sealable round plastic containers.

5 kg£20.50
10 kg£33.35

*all prices include VAT