Andura Titanium All Purpose Primer

Andura Titanium All Purpose Primer is an all-purpose water-borne primer for use on most non-ferrous interior and exterior substrates. Ideal for application before applying Titanium topcoat paint systems.

It's suitable for application to sound, prepared and previously painted surfaces; bare wood; plaster; concrete; and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, galvanised steel). See technical data sheet (on right hand side of page) for full details.

Application: Stir thoroughly. Apply using a synthetic paint brush, paint roller, or Airless Spray.

Drying Times: Touch dry 30 mins; Recoat: minimum 1 hour. Times quoted are at 21 deg C, and good drying conditions. Colder temperatures, higher humidity and poorer ventilation will increase these times. Do not apply when application and drying temperatures are likely to fall below 10 deg C.

Theoretical Coverage: 12 - 14 m²/litres per coat. Surface profile and porosity will reduce these coverage rates.

Andura Titanium All Purpose Primer is available in white, in 2.5L tins.



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Andura Titanium All Purpose Primer

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