Tubby Bath Paint Resurfacing Kit

The Tubby DIY Bath Paint Kit is a durable two-part epoxy-based bath paint for renovating baths. This proven formula works on worn out, discoloured or badly stained surfaces - saving on the cost of replacement or expensive resurfacing and restoration treatments.

The Tubby DIY Bath Paint Kit has been developed over many years by the world's leading bath refurbishment company, who have resurfaced many thousands of baths worldwide - including those of major hotel groups. Their professional product has been so successful that in the mid 1980's the company decided to respond to the demand for a high quality DIY version of the coating. The result is the Tubby DIY Bath Paint Kit.

Tubby Bath Paint has been stringently tested by the National Standards Authority in South Africa for resilience, long term adhesion and safety. It will not crack on contact with very hot water, resists discolouration and is safe to use as it contains no caustic substances.

A Versatile Kit for Many Surfaces

The TUBBY kit can be used on cast iron (enamel) baths, steel, plastic, fibreglass and acrylic baths. It will even cover ceramic and porcelain surfaces which means the entire bathroom suite can be transformed for relatively little expense. Tubby bath paint can be used on bathroom sinks, toilet exteriors and bidets. It can also rejuvenate finely cracked or ugly tiles (one kit will cover 8 square metres coated once). Even washing machines, dryers, fridges and freezers can benefit from a hygienic 'as-new' finish

One Kit - One Bath

The TUBBY DIY Bath Resurfacing Kit contains enough bath paint to coat one large bath tub. The two coat application process means that it will cover four square metres. All utensils to do the job are included in the kit. No other tools are necessary.

How Long Will It Last?

The bath paint has been developed with durability as its main characteristic. Adhesion tests have been carried out to prove its performance over many years of use. Provided the underlying surface is thoroughly sanded to give a sound, shine-free key, the coating will keep looking good for many, many years.

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Tubby Bath Paint Resurfacing Kit