Classidur Aquaclassic

Classidur Aquaclassic is a superb all-in-one, zero-tension, water-based, totally matt finish paint for interior use on walls, ceilings etc. Particularly recomended for problem free renovation projects, with simplified surface preparation and no risk of flaking or peeling due to it's unique fast hardening zero-tension film.

Manufactured in Switzerland by Claessens, their proprietory cationic coatings technology (C+) blocks stains of all types completely (soot, nicotine, tannins, dried waterstains, etc.). No primer or base coat is needed, allowing direct application to bare plaster, concrete, mortar, wood, or any coherant surface (bare ferrous metal must be suitably primed first).

It's outstanding smoothness and totally matt sheen produces the finest finish on surfaces that have been renovated with Classidur Aquaclassic, meeting the needs of even the highest profile projects, in shops, offices and restaurants etc.

  • Excellent stain blocking (C+ technology)
  • excellent adhesion (C+ technology)
  • zero tension – no risk of flaking or peeling
  • very white, does not yellow
  • no odour
  • easy to apply
  • no need to dilute

Application: 1-2 coats of Classidur Aquaclassic with an interval of at least 4 hours between coats. Method: brush, roller, airless spray. Do not apply if application or drying temperatures are below 8 deg C. Do not thin. Do not mix with any other product. Coverage: approx 9-11 square meters per litre per coat, coverage will vary depending on the substrates porosity and profile.  Drying time: Dust dry in approx 1 hour, Touch dry in approx 3 hours, Second coat in a minimum of 4 hours. Times given are @ 20° C / 65% Humidity. Lower temperatures and higher humidity levels will slow down the drying process. Storage: 12 months, frost sensitive. Not suitable for use on distempered surfaces, use Classidur Superclassic instead.

Classidur Aquaclassic available in Brilliant White in 5 litres and 10 litres only.

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Classidur Aquaclassic