Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem

Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem is a NEW, truely universal white, water-borne problem solving primer, with a great smooth finish which we think the trade will like! It's not cheap, but we think it's about the best all-round problem-solving primer we've come across.

This is a brand new primer launched at the end of 2013, based on Classens proprietory Cationic technology, and imported from Switzerland. It's a revolutionary fast-drying coating, cleverly formulated with Swiss know-how to solve virtually all your priming headaches in one product. Classidur Universal Primer Xtreme is an excellent stain blocker, with fantastic adhesion promotion on all sorts of difficult substrates partly due to it's unique zero-tension dry film. It's formulated for both interior and exterior use, and offers completely odour free application.

  • Blocks wood tannins, soot, nicotine, dried water stains, fire and smoke damage.
  • Adhesion promotor on difficult substrates like galvanised metal, glass, and ceramic tiles, previously painted surfaces - no need to rub down.
  • Can be overcoated with any standard decorative coating.

Coverage: 9 - 11 square meters per litre per coat. Application: Always follow the manufacturers instructions on the side of the can. Substrates must be sound, dry. Remove wax and degrease surfaces using Grax-it Wax Remover and Degreaser. Apply one coat by brush, roller or airless spray. Do not thin. Touch dry: 1 hour. Minimum over-coating time in good drying conditions 4-6 hours. Do not apply to ferrous metals. Do not apply when application and drying air and substrate temperatures are below 8 deg C, or relative humidity is above 80%. Overcoat when dry. Clean tools carefully with water immediately after use - as this unique primer is not compatible with other products. An adhesion test is generally recommended on clear varnished, and hard plastic substrates, to check for suitability prior to overcoating. See technical data sheet for full product details.

Classidur's NEW Universal Primer extreme is only available in white in  0.75 litre and 10 litre sizes only.

10 litre£195.28

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Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem