Corona Boss Performance Chinex MiniPro Paint Brush

Corona Boss Performance Chinex (20520) MiniPro Paint Brush is a synthetic paint brush with hand formed chisel tip, and unfinished short style palm grip hardwood handle.  An excellent professional paint brush for cutting in and detailed trim work, particularly useful in tight spaces.

  • 100% Chinex.
  • Smooth flagged filaments for an excellent finish.
  • Stainless steel bevelled ferrule
  • Short style, unfinished palm grip hardwood handle.
  • Hand formed chisel tip profile - cuts in well.

Corona's Performance Chinex paint brushes are all manufactured using 100% Chinex tapered synthetic filaments, which offers good paint release and easier cleanup. Smooth flagged tips, and a hand formed chisel tip profile produces good accurate cutting-in. Ideal for use with heavier bodied water-borne coatings, acrylics, hybrid, and traditional solvent borne paints and coatings.

Size Length Out Stock (thickness)
1.5 inch 60 mm

1/2 inch

2 inch 65 mm

9/16 inch

2.5 inch 73 mm

5/8 inch


Corona Boss Performance Chinex Mini Pro Paint Brush is available in 1.5inch, 2inch, and 2.5inch sizes in singles.

1.5 inch£16.43
2 inch£17.84

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Corona Boss Performance Chinex MiniPro Paint Brush