Corona Ontario Red-Gold Angled Paint Brush

Corona Ontario Angled Red-Gold Nylon/Polyester (18340) Paint Brush is a traditional synthetic angled paint brush with hand formed chisel tip, and unfinished beavertail hardwood handle. A good general purpose professional paint brush for cutting in and trim work.

  • Nylon & Polyester Blend.
  • Smooth flagged filaments for a good finish.
  • Stainless steel beveled ferrule
  • Unfinished bevertail hardwood handle.
  • Hand formed chisel tip profile - cuts in well.

Corona's Red-Gold series paint brushes are all manufactured using a Solid Round Tapered (SRT) nylon and polyester filament blend. Corona's proprietory filament blend takes advantage of Nylon's durability combined with the stiffer characteristics of polyester. Suitable for all interior and exterior painting projects, with all types of paints and coatings. Smooth flagged tips, and a hand formed chisel tip profile produces good accurate cutting-in.

Size Length Out Stock (thickness)
1 inch 53 mm 7/16 inch
1.5 inch 63 mm

1/2 inch

2 inch 68 mm

3/4 inch

2.5 inch 75 mm

13/16 inch


Corona Cody Red-Gold Nylon/Polyester Paint Brush is available in 2 inch and 2.5 inch sizes in singles.

1 inch£15.24
1.5 inch£19.86
2 inch£24.91

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Corona Ontario Red-Gold Angled Paint Brush