SuperCove Composite Lightweight Coving 127

SuperCove is a new and unique lightweight coving. Manufactured in a tough composite of foamed polyurethane with a high quality paperboard liner, it is the result of a 5 year development programme in the UK.

For the first time, the trade now have access to an inexpensive plain coving which looks as good as plaster cove, but without the disadvantages of its heavy weight (it weights just 133 grams per linear meter). Easy to install, requires no pinning, goes up in half the time with little or no mess when cutting, and handling is made much easier. We think its the end of the line for plain paper faced plaster coving (i.e. Gyproc Gypsum Coving), and the trade seem to think so too! Available in 2000mm lengths for easy fixing.
Dimensions: 82mm along ceiling x 82mm down wall x 2000mm length.

Supercove's Advantages:

  • Vastly superior appearance to both polystyrene and paper-faced polystyrene cove. A strong composite material based on laminated paperboard and foamed polyurethane.
  • Visually equal in appearance to paper-faced plaster cove.
  • Lighter. A fraction of the weight of plaster cove. (One 12 meter pack weighs just 1.6 kgs, compared to plaster which weighs more than 12 kgs).
  • Quicker to install. Our research suggests it is much easier to install than plaster cove, due to its lower weight - allowing up to twice the speed of installation with only one person needed.
  • Easier to transport. Outer cartons contain up to 144 linear meters, sufficient for 7 average sized rooms in one box under 20 kgs.
  • Easier to handle
  • Less breakage. A length of plaster cove, if dropped will break and cause a mess. A length of lightweight cove if dropped will not break, and not cause a mess.
  • Cleaner. Saws easily and produces the absolute minimum of dust in comparison to the copious amounts of dust created when sawing plaster cove.
  • No pinning. Requires no pinning, unlike plaster cove which is heavy, and often has to be pinned whilst the adhesive sets.
  • Competitive.Whilst priced at a premium to plaster, our lightweight coving is far less expensive than other polyurethane coving products due to the development of a completely new automated production process.

Supplied in 115mm wide 2 meter lengths (Dimensions: 82mm along ceiling x 82mm down wall), which are packed in 6's. Pre-mitred 115mm internal and external corners are also available for the DIY'er. Use MS Polymer Adhesive & Sealant to to glue each length of coving to the next. This produces an excellent flexible bond between each length of coving, to resist cracking at the joints. Also use it for fixing coving to standard interior wall and ceiling surfaces. It can also be used for filling gaps. We suggest that customers allow one 290ml cartridge of MS Polymer Adhesive & Sealant for fixing every 2-3 lengths of Super Cove coving, depending on useage.

pack of 6£31.60
carton of 48£197.86

*all prices include VAT