Graffiti Go Graffiti Remover

Home Strip Graffiti Go is an extremely effective water-based graffiti remover. Graffiti Go's special non-toxic, solvent-free formulation is non-hazzardous and can be used around children and pets. It is especially useful when used with high pressure washing equipment as it avoids the bounce-back effect of more dangerous chemicals.

Spray a thick even coat onto the the affected area. Leave for 30 minutes or longer (if required). Remove either with a stiff brush and water, or with a pressure hose. Repeat if required. If nozzle clogs, wash out with warm soapy water. Can affect some plastics, try a test area first. You can see a short demonstration video here.

Coverage: 1 Litre Trade Strip Graffiti Go will remove approximately 2-3 square meters, depending on the severity of the graffiti and surface profile. Available in 500ml trigger spray, and 5 litre refill packs.

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5 litre£82.50

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Graffiti Go Graffiti Remover

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