Erfurt MAV Neopor Graphite Plus Insulating Lining Paper 4mm

Erfurt MAV Neopor Graphite Plus Insulating Lining Paper uses a 4mm thick BASF Neopor polystyrene insulation which is laminated to a fibre reinforced pulp lining paper. It's a cheap and effective way to insulate interior walls, reducing condensation problems which often cause mould and mildew growth, and helping rooms to heat up faster. Roll dimensions: 10.00 meters long x 0.5 meter wide (each roll covers 5 square meters).

Neopor is the BASF trademark for their polystyrene insulation, which incorporates graphite in the polystyrene, which BASF claims can increase the insulating ability of normal polystyrene by up to 20%.

Polystyrene insulating material is more prone to creasing and cracking during application. This means it's not quite as easy to apply as our KlimaTec and Wallrock ranges of themal lining papers which use a soft and flexible fleece that bends naturally, without cracking. However, it's pretty much as effective as these other papers for it's insulating ability, and a whole lot cheaper. Smaller roll widths mean that it isn't too hard to manage either.

  • Thickness: 4mm.
  • Uses BASF Neopor - up to 20% more efficiant .
  • Breathable and moisture regulating.
  • Reduces condensation and inhibits mould.
  • Covers over cracks.
  • Easy paste-the-wall application.
  • Fire rated & CFC Free.

Application: Always follow the manufactures instruction on the reverse of the label. Apply Neopor Graphite Plus Insulating Lining Paper perpendicularly, with each vertical length butt jointed to the next. Apply our Thermal Liner Adhesive directly to the wall, in an area slightly wider than the roll width (approx 3 inches wider). 2.5kg of Thermal Liner Adhesive is normally sufficiant for applying a single roll of Neopor Graphite Plus Insulating Lining Paper. So a single 10kg tub of adhesive should normally be more than sufficiant for 4 rolls of Neopor Graphite Plus Insulating Lining Paper.
Place the polystyrene side of the wall covering onto the adhesive and press down with a wallpaper smoothing knife to smooth out any bubbles, to ensure that the adhesive is evenly distributed and that a flat base surface is produced. Trim excess with a Stanley type knife or strong scissors. Ensure that the wall covering does not overlap. Fill joints as necessary. For a perfect finish, you can optionally overhang with one of a our non-woven lining papers. Surface is now ready for painting or overhanging with decorative wallpaper.

Erfurt MAV Neopor Graphite Plus Insulating Lining Paper is supplied in single rolls which will cover 5 square meters, and full cartons containing 8 rolls sufficient to cover a total of 40 square meters. Each roll is 0.5 meter wide x 10 meters long, and covers an area of 5 square meters.

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Erfurt MAV Neopor Graphite Plus Insulating Lining Paper 4mm

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