Erfurt MAV Easy Paste

Erfurt MAV Easy Paste is a high quality, technically advanced ready mixed water-borne wallpaper adhesive that you can use straight from the tub. Readymixed wall paper pastes are generally considered superior to flake type wallpaper adhesives which you mix yourself, as the mix is quality controlled by the manufacturer.

Erfurt MAV Easy Paste contains a fungicide and biocide to prevent mould growth during the drying period. The material is smooth and non lumpy; spreads easily; slides well for easy pattern matching; and doesn't 'split' over time.

Formulated for use with both traditional wallcoverings, and modern non-woven paste the wall type wallpapers (see links on right hand side of page) including:

  • 800-2000 grade lining papers (excluding insulating).
  • Heavy embossed paper.
  • Washable papers.
  • Non-woven papers.
  • Trend and Vario Plus non-woven linings
  • Expanded vinyls.
  • Blown vinyls.

All surfaces must be properly prepared, clean, dry, sound, and absorbant. For non absorbant surfaces such as wood panelling, abrade the surface lightly to provide a key for the adhesive. Ideally seal all surfaces with a water-borne stabilising solution or a specialist product like Zinsser Guardz, before applying this adhesive. Do NOT seal surfaces with PVA.

Application: Follow the manufacturers instructions. Apply directly from the tub using either either a paint roller, or pasting brush. Apply sufficiant adhesive to hang two lengths of wallcovering at a time. Position the wallcoverings. Then smooth out with a paperhangers brush or wallcovering smoother. Remove any excess adhesive with a damp decorators sponge.

Coverage: Maximum coverage is 5 square meters per Kg. of material, dependent on porosity and absorbancy of the surfaces to be covered. Reduce coverage for heavier grades of wallcovering according to this chart:

Type of Wallcovering Approx Coverage (sq meters per Kg)
Normal, Washable & Vinyl Papers  5

Blown Vinyls


Non-wovens & Paste the Wall Papers  4
Wallrock Papers (excluding insulating)  3 - 4
Embossed Wallpapers  2 - 3
Heavy Embossed Wallpapers  1.5 - 2


Note: Ensure adhesive is dry before over-painting, or decorating etc. Drying time is a minimum of 24 hours, but may be considerably longer depending on temperature and drying conditions. Protect from frost. Do NOT store below 5 deg C.

Erfurt MAV Easy Paste is available in a re-sealable oblong 2.5 kg plastic container which will directly accept up to 7 inch paint roller (sufficiant for covering up to 12.5 square meters); a re-sealable round 4.5 kg plastic container (sufficiant for covering up to 22.5 square meters); and a re-sealable round 10 kg plastic container (sufficiant for covering up to 50 square meters);

2.5 kg£9.09
4.5 kg£11.37

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Erfurt MAV Easy Paste