Wooster Lock-Jaw Extension Pole Paint Brush and Tool Holder / Adaptor

Wooster Lock-Jaw extension pole paint brush and tool holder / adaptor, which clamps virtually any paint brush, roller frame or tool that will fit inside the clamp (maximum width between the clamp mechanism is approx 35mm). Tough engineering grade plastic construction. Useful when painting, scraping, wire brushing, sweeping, dusting or cleaning hard to reach areas.

Extender clamp section rotates in 8 separate heavy duty non-slip locking positions, over a 150 degrees of movement. 

Wooster LockJaw extension handle for paint brushes has a screw fitting connector fits all our screw-fit extension poles, as well as the Wooster GT Extension Pole. (Picture shows a paint brush for illustrative purposes which is not included).

The Wooster Lock Jaw is available in singles, as well as packs of 6 adaptors to save you even more.

box of 6£31.14

*all prices include VAT