Flexible Caulk Nozzle Adaptor

Flexible Caulk Nozzle Adaptor can be fitted to all our standard 310ml caulk and silicone cartridges, and nozzles. It's a fantastic little device that allows you to adjust the angle of your caulk nozzle up to 45 degrees, as well as extending the length of the nozzle. Ideal for difficult and awkward caulking jobs. Can be used as an everyday regular nozzle or you can bend it to any configuration, making a difficult caulking or sealing job easy.

With a high degree of articulation due to it's ball joint design, it reaches areas regular nozzles find impossible. It should be in the toolkit for all painters and decorators involved in applying decorators caulk and silicone sealants. Designed with a very stiff ball-joint, so that once you adjust the nozzle angle for the job in hand, it stays in place, and you are able to keep both hands on the caulking gun whilst applying the sealant. Adaptors can be attached together to get into the most awkward spaces.

Fossa Flexible Caulk Nozzle Adaptor is sold in packs of 5 adaptors.

pack of 5£6.30

*all prices include VAT