Fossa evoMESH Sheets 81 x 132mm

Fossa evoMESH Sheets 81 x 132mm. A long lasting aluminium oxide open mesh abrasive for general purpose use.

  • handy pre-cut strips.
  • hook n loop backing for easy attachment.
  • open mesh backing resists clogging.
  • ideal for use with dust extraction equipment

Fossa evoMESH is designed with a patented open mesh backing for a longer lifespan than more traditional paper backed abrasives - that can clog quite easily. Agressive performance for quick stock removal on most general building materials like hardwood, softwood, plaster, chipboard, MDF, filler and previously painted surfaces etc.

When used with dust extraction equipment, it's porous mesh backing allows extremely effective dust removal for a cleaner working environment, ideal for preparation prior to painting and decorating. Fits Mirka orbital sanders, and the Festool RTS 400 compact one-handed sander range. When used with mechanical sanders, particularly the Festool range.

Note: Always use a matching pad saver when using evoMESH with your mechanical sander.

Hook and loop backing allows easy attachment to all standard hook n loop backing pads and hand blocks.

Fossa evoMESH Sheets 81 x 132mm are available in the following grits P80, P120, P180 and P240. They are sold in single strips, and in boxes of 30 strips to save you even more.

single stripP80 grade£0.31
box of 30P80 grade£8.21
single stripP120 grade£0.30
box of 30P120 grade£7.79
single stripP180 grade£0.30
box of 30P180 grade£7.79
single stripP240 grade£0.30
box of 30P240 grade£7.79

*all prices include VAT

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Fossa evoMESH Sheets 81 x 132mm