Fossa Microsilk Microfibre Mini Paint Roller Refill Short Pile

Fossa Microsilk Mini Paint Roller Refill is a 4 inch short pile (8mm 3/8"), beautifully soft  microfibre fabric refill sleeve. It's a new fabric which offers fantastic loading for brilliant productivity, just brilliant for use with waterborne trim paints. Fits all our standard mini roller frames (see links on right hand side of page).

  • 8mm 3/8 inch nap
  • thermofused construction with internal bearings
  • excellent loading
  • high productivity
  • low shedding
  • low splatter
  • excellent for priming and finishing of trim.

It's always best to pre-dampen the paint roller cover before using with water-borne paints, this ensures the paint roller cover performances at it's best when loading and releasing paint. Cleaning: After use immediately remove excess paint from roller fabric with a paint roller scraper. Water-borne coatings: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse until clean. Solvent-borne coatings: clean with solvent according to the coating manufacturers instructions.

Fossa Microsilk Short Pile Mini Paint Roller Refill is available in singles, and cartons  containing 10 mini roller sleeves to save you even more.

carton of 10£4.83

*all prices include VAT