Fossa Non Woven Tack Cloth

Fossa Non Woven Tack Cloth is a large 35 x 45 cm, individually wrapped, professional grade resin impregnated Painters Tack Cloth. A soft non-woven synthetic fabric with low linting charateristics that has been impregnated with an adhesive, so that all traces of dust and dirt can be easily removed by lightly wiping the surface prior to painting. Recommended for used before painting varnishing or lacquering to ensure a top class finish. One light wipe with a tack rag removes all particles of dust and fluff, and leaves you with a clean surface ready for coating. Specifically formulated to be compatable with all paint systems. Individually wrapped, long lasting.

Each tack cloth / tack rag is approximately 35 x 45cm and supplied individually wrapped. They are available in singles, packs of 10 and in bulk box's containing 200 cloths to save you even more.

pack of 10£5.00
box of 200£96.69

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Fossa Non Woven Tack Cloth