Fossa Velmoss Mini Paint Roller Refill

*Please note these roller sleeves are no longer available and have been replaced with our NEW Fossa MicroSilk 5mm Mini Paint Roller Refills.

Fossa Velmoss Mini Paint Roller Refill is a 4 inch medium pile (3/8" pile), super soft and silky microfibre fabric refill sleeve. It's a new fabric with maximum paint pickup for incredible productivity, and a fantastic finish with waterborne trim paints. Fits all our standard mini roller frames (see links on right hand side of page).

  • 3/8 inch nap
  • maximum pickup
  • super productive
  • fantastic priming and finishing of trim.

The Fossa Velmoss is so productive, that you can prime one side of a standard panelled door from just one fully loaded mini paint roller, without needing to reload the roller with paint.  The Velmoss continues to release paint long after other rollers have thrown in the towel. The longer plush microfibre fabric allows you to easily get into architrave.

NOTE: Always wet microfibre paint roller sleeves in water, and spin out, before loading with paint, so that the roller is fabric is pre-dampened.

Fossa Velmoss Mini Paint Roller Refill is available in singles, and resealable bags containing 10 mini roller sleeves to save you even more.


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