Gripper Buddy - Carpet Gripper Rod Protector

Gripper Buddy quickly isolates the sharp spikes of carpet grippers and carpet rods to prevent nasty damage to hands and fingers when preparing skirting-boards and other decorative trim.

A 2 ft (600mm) long, tough, thin and flexible thermoformed cover protects your hands from nasty cuts caused by carpet gripper spikes when sanding, scraping and abrading skirting boards. The Gripper Buddy's natural design allows you to prepare surfaces in exactly the same way as you normally would, but now can can avoid damage to your hands, whilst confidently preparing surfaces faster, and more effectively.

As far as we're concerned, a decorators hands are their livelihood, and this product pays for itself if you can avoid just one carpet gripper accident.

The Gripper Buddy is sold in singles.


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Gripper Buddy - Carpet Gripper Rod Protector