Humbrol Just Metallics Spray Paint Aerosol

Humbrol Just Metallic Spray Paints are a high quality range of metallic finishes which are available in Silver and Gold. Dry in just 10 minutes they are suitable for interior use on most surfaces including; wicker baskets, radiators, ceramics, ironware, furniture, stencilling, picture frames, dado rails, louver doors, toys, bikes etc. and should be overcoated with our Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Coating to provide protection, and to give a lustrous glossy metallic finish.

It is recommended that uncoated plastics, PVC, ceramic, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are primed with a suitable primer. Uncoated timber, masonry, concrete and plaster should be primed with Humbrol Enamel Spray Paints Primer (available in white or grey), or other suitable primer. Previously coated surfaces are easily and safely overcoated with Humbrol Enamel Spray Paint, care should be taken not to apply a heavy coat, as this may cause the original decoration to wrinkle or lose adhesion.

Available in 400ml aerosol cans in Silver and Gold. Note: Since Humbrol went into liquidation, this product has been replaced by KEEN Metallic Spray Paint, same manufacturer, but different brand as we no longer have the rights to use the Humbrol brand.

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