Junckers High Performance Sport Floor Lacquer

Junckers High Performance Sport is a new two-pack, water-borne polyurethane lacquer / varnish. For prefinished or untreated, newly installed or machine sanded wooden floors in sports halls with high levels of traffic and extreme wear. Low-odour, Quick drying, clear Silk-Matt and Gloss finish.

Sports floors demand the highest quality surface finish, Junckers High Performance Sport fulfills these demands being an extremely hard-wearing, water-based polyurethane lacquer. As the largest manufacturer of high quality hardwood flooring for Sports Halls in Europe, and with its own complimentary specialist coatings plant, Junckers has 25 years experience in developing the very best coatings for wooden floors. You can rest assured that the new Junckers High Performance Sport lives up to the Junckers name.

  • New two-component water-based polyurethane lacquer.
  • For Sports Floors BS7044.
  • Fast drying - Ready for use the next day.
  • Easy and Safe to use.
  • Excellent defoaming and flow properties.
  • Scuff resistant.
  • Excellent durability.

Coverage 10-12 square meters per litre (per coat). Drying times: Touch dry in approximately 2-3 hours. Recoat/Sanding time: 2-3 hours. Ready for use after 8 hours; Maximum hardness achieved after 72 hours; (at 20&degC and normal drying conditions). Pot-life: The mixture should be used within 2 hours.

Apply using 100% Pure Wool Short haired roller -12 inch double arm frame preferred, or by air/airless spray, block floor applicator, or synthetic brush (see links on the right hand side of the page). For customers who are inexperienced with using block floor applicators, short pile roller, or brush application are the easiest and safest method of application, if rather slower.

System Recommendations:

High traffic areas; 1 coat Prelak, 2 coats High Performance Sport. Sport areas with air conditioning; 3 coats High Performance Sport. Sport areas without air conditioning; 1 coat Prelak, 2 coats High Performance Sport.

Junckers High Performance Sport is available in 2.2 (2L lacquer & 0.2L hardener) and 4.95 (4.5L lacquer & 0.45L hardener) Litre sizes, in clear Silk-Matt and Gloss finish.

4.95 litre£120.97

*all prices include VAT