Junckers Rustic Top Oil

Junckers Rustic Top Oil is a unique water-based maintenance oil for refreshing and regular maintenance of internal timber floors (and other internal timber surfaces) treated with Junckers Rustic Oil or Junckers Rustic Solid 100.

Rustic Top Oil is water-based aqueous alkyd oil, formulated using Junckers oil and water manufacturing expertise. Junckers has merged the two systems as one, to produce a water-based maintenance oil that dries in only 30 minutes, overcoming the problems associated with drying time when using oil-based maintenance products on floors.

Oil treatment adds a deep warm glow to timber surfaces, enhancing the natural grain and structure of the wood. Oiled floors are hard-wearing, providing a family friendly finish.

Junckers Rustic Top Oil is not recommended for maintenance of oil treated floors which are worn to a matt and grey surface. Instead use Junckers Rustic Oil, or Junckers Rustic Solid 100 for priming of the floor, then treat with Junckers Rustic Top Oil. Coverage: 60-80 square meters per litre. Drying time: 30-60 minutes at 20°C. Full wearing strength is achieved after 24 hours. Apply using a low-lint/lint-free cloth or polishing machine.

System Recommendations:

All areas; 1 coat Rustic Top Oil (30-60 minute dry time), then 1 coat Rustic Top Oil. The frequency of treatment with Rustic Top Oil varies with the amount of traffic on the floor. The higher the traffic the higher the frequency.

Available in a 1 Litre size only.

1 litre£24.39

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