Kip Low-Tack Purple Crepe Masking Tape

KIP Professional grade low-tack masking tape is a creped paper masking tape designed for applications that require a delicate surface adhesive system that can conconform to curves and non-flat surfaces. It can be applied to delicate surfaces for up to 30 days and then removed cleanly without causing surface damage. Adhesive Strength to Steel: 9 . Specific applications include: wallpaper, freshly painted or unpainted wall-board/plaster, ceiling tiles or paint effects. Note: If you're looking for a delicate low-tack masking tape with a flat backing consider our KIP Delicate PurpleFlatback Masking Tape.

  • 30-day release
  • Creped paper to conform to curves.
  • Clean removal
  • UV resistant
  • Delicate surfaces
  • Acrylic adhesive

We've been disappointed with the quality and consistancy of masking tapes generally available to professional painters and decorators within the UK. Consequently we've sourced a new range of extremely high quality masking tapes from KIP which are developed and manufactured in the USA by Shurtape. These include a Professional painters masking tape, a 7 day UV resistant masking tape, and a Flat-back 60 day delicate fine edge masking tape. They are not the cheapest masking tapes available, but if you care about performance we think you'll like them.

Thickness: 0.116 mm
Tensile Strength: 48.26 N/10mm
Adhesive Strength to Steel: 0.86 N/10mm
Elongation: 4%

KIP Professional grade low-tack masking tape is available in individually wrapped rolls in 24mm & 48mm widths, each roll is 55 meters long. Its also available in carton quantities at a fantastic bulk price.

box of 36£184.57

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Kip Low-Tack Purple Crepe Masking Tape