Trimaco QM5000 Pro Hand Masker (Body only)

Trimaco QM5000 Hand Masker is probably the best hand masking machine available in the UK. Supplied here as the body only, it does not come with a blade which you can order from the links on the right hand side of the page.

Simply the easiest and fastest way to quickly cover-up and mask-off long runs around door frames and skirting boards etc. to protect them prior to spraying, rollering or brushing paints and coatings. It offers the flexability to choose your own mask ing tape / masking paper combination. Slot in an inexpensive roll of Kraft Masking Paper or Trimaco's Masking Film, together with a roll of any of our masking tape's and your ready to go. Buy one... and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

This professional hand masking machine features a light reinforced frame for a lifetime of use; hanging hook and nylon safety strap; and an in-line, soft foam handle which provides easy application, with superior balance and control.

Remember... you will need to purchase a separate Film & Paper blades for this Trimaco QM5000 Hand Masker as this is only the body. Blades are available in 12 inch (30cm) size (see links on right hand side of page), or you can buy the complete body and blade together here.

Trimaco's QM5000 Hand Masking Machine (body only) is available to buy in singles.


*all prices include VAT