KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic 1mm Thermal Lining Paper

KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic 1mm Thermal Lining Paper is a hi-tec composite energy-saving lining paper for interior use. Comprises a smooth non-woven facing surface welded to a dense knitted polyester fleece.

Interior walls and ceilings, which are covered with Thermovlies Basic, radiate thermal energy back into the room. This means that rooms warm up significantly faster, providing a comfortable temperature for your working and living spaces in a much shorter time. It's not quite as effective as KlimaTec Pro but it's not far off, and will still save you energy and money. It's most effective when used to heat-up rooms in older buildings with solid wall construction, that are in intermittent, or irregular use.

  • Thickness: 1mm.
  • Permanent energy saving.
  • Breathable and moisture regulating.
  • Reduces condensation and inhibits mould.
  • Covers over cracks.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Easy paste-the-wall application.
  • Suitable for allergy-sufferers.

Do NOT apply standard pulp based wallpapers or lining papers directly over KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic 1mm, without first over-papering with a non-woven lining paper. Standard pulp based wallpapers can shink during drying and will occasionally deform the KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic 1mm by lifting it at the seams.

We suggest over-papering with Wallrock Fineliner A50 which works out very economically at 1 meter wide and 50 meter long rolls. For easier stripping in the future, apply the Fineliner A50 with powdered paste, rather than readymixed emulsion adhesive. After you've over-papered the KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic 1mm with your chosen non-woven lining paper, you can wallpaper over it with any wallpaper, or decorative paint.

KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic is water vapour permeable as per EN ISO 12572, which corresponds to a diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness of 0.07 meters. Roll dimensions: 10.00 meters long x 0.75 meter wide. Weight: approx. 300 g/m2.

Application: KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic perpendicularly, with each vertical length butt jointed to the next. Apply our Thermal Liner Adhesive directly to the wall, in an area slightly wider than the roll width (approx 3 inches wider). 3kg of Thermal Liner Adhesive is normally sufficiant for applying a single roll of KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic. So a single 10kg tub of adhesive should normally be more than sufficiant for 3 rolls of KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic.
Place the fleece side of the wall covering onto the adhesive and press down with a wallpaper smoothing knife to smooth out any bubbles, to ensure that the adhesive is evenly distributed and that a flat base surface is produced. Press any excess material at the ceiling, skirtings, windows etc. with a plastic trowel into the corners and cut off with a hooked blade knife, Stanley type knife or strong scissors. Ensure that the wall covering does not overlap.

KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic 1mm Thermal Lining Paper is supplied in a carton containing 2 rolls sufficient to cover a total of 15 square meters. Each roll is 0.75 meter wide x 10 meters long, and covers an area of 7.5 square meters.

single roll£22.30
carton of 2£44.60

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KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic 1mm Thermal Lining Paper

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