Ladderlimb / Ladder Limb

The Ladderlimb is an easy to use limb and handgrip with quick release sturdy sprung clasp which fits into any of the hollow rungs which are generally accessable from either side of most modern extention ladders, and at any height. Ladder limb allows you to work whilst maintaining three points of contact with the ladder, making it simpler and safer to work at heights.

The rubberised and deformable ribs on the ladder-limb fits snugly into your hollowed out ladder rungs, a quick release fitting allows the use of interchangeable ends, ready for future fittings. The supplied end is fitted with a sturdy sprung clasp which you can clip bucket handles, tool bag handles or paint kettle handles etc. up to 10kg maximum weight.

When you wish to work at another height, the Ladder-Limb can be easily and effortlessly withdrawn and placed into another rung, and because it can fit in to either the left or right hand ladder rungs, it doesn't matter whether you are left or right handed.

It makes so many tasks so much easier, whether it's cleaning out gutters, washing the caravan, pointing, repainting and decorating, cleaning your windows or pruning trees and bushes. Acts like your third hand.

You can watch an excellent video showing ladderlimb in use here.

Available to buy in singles and packs of three Ladderlimbs.

pack of 3£60.88

*all prices include VAT