Erfurt Variovlies Plus Non Woven Lining Paper V 200 S Pro - 25.00m length

Erfurt Vario Plus Non-woven lining paper offers real benefits and real savings for both decorators and specifiers when compared with traditional pulp lining papers and expensive glass fibre wallcoverings.

  • Incredibly strong - even tougher than glass fibre, but feels like paper!
  • Unique super smooth, even finish - Plaster like smoothness both before and after painting.
  • Absolutely no shrinkage or stretching - Perfect butt seams, and no soaking required.
  • Fast application - less than half the time of traditional pulp papers.
  • Fast surface restoration - no filling and smoothing.
  • High stability and crack-resistance - perfect for renovation and covering cracks
  • Quickly and easily painted.
  • Dry strippable, and easily repaired.
  • Free of glass fibre and PVC.

Manufactured by Erfurt, the largest and most experienced non-woven wallcoving producer in Europe. Vario Plus Non-woven lining paper has been tried and tested on important renovation and restoration projects throughout the continent for many years.

Erfurt Variovlies Plus Non Woven Lining Paper V 200 S Pro lining paper is incredibly strong making it the number one choice amongst specifiers for the restoration of surfaces which are cracked or subject to cracking, and as a decorative base - when painting or papering - on prepared surfaces which are unstable or poorly finished. Its thickness is roughly comparable with our traditional 1400 grade 100% virgin pulp lining paper, although it is much denser.

Vario Plus lining paper is much easier to work with, and apply, than traditional pulp lining paper. Vario Plus is applied to the wall or ceiling edge-to-edge without any soaking or softening time, a 'paste the wall' technique is particularly recommended, pressing down the paper with a rubber roller or paperhanging brush to expel any air bubbles and cutting off excess paper with a knife. Vario Plus should then be painted as required. The final result is a super tough, even and smooth, prefectly seamed finish. In comparison with its nearest equivalent UK brand 'Wallrock Fibre Liner', Vario Plus lining paper is a heavier grade non-woven with a softer feel for easier application. Vario Plus lining paper is far stronger than 'Wallrock Fibre Liner' and also offers specifiers a super smooth clean plaster like finish.

To hang Vario Plus lining paper use Apply using our excellent higher strength ready mixed wallcovering adhesive for easier trouble free application. Vario Plus is available in larger rolls for faster application. It's supplied in single rolls, and cartons which contain 2 rolls. Each roll is 75cm wide x 25 meters long (Covers approx 18.7 square meters per roll, 37.4 square meters per carton).

single roll£47.82
carton of 2£90.16

*all prices include VAT