Erfurt Wood Chip Wallpaper 20m - Super Medium (164)

Erfurt MAV Super Medium 164 Trade woodchip wallpaper 20 meter long 'double' rolls are a general purpose wallpaper product for walls and ceilings, ideal for emulsion painting to produce a durable decorative finish. These are genuine trade woodchip papers, using real woodchips, they are not woodchip 'effect' wallpapers.

Trade quality wood chip paper costs a bit more, but their superior strength means that they don't fall apart when hanging. We've tried cheaper retail quality woodchip papers, but our decorators complained that they were terrible to hang.

Apply using our Easy mix dry flake wallpaper paste, or our excellent higher strength ready mixed wallcovering adhesive for even easier trouble free application!

Available in Naturplus 2 Super Medium which has a less dense pattern of woodchips (previously 164 medium grade. Rated at 125 gram per square meter.  Now available in NEW double roll sizes which are 53cm wide x 20 meters long, rather than the standard 10 meter length (Weight: 125g per square meter).  Always ensure that the surface is sound, clean and dry.

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Erfurt Wood Chip Wallpaper 20m - Super Medium (164)