Anti-Slip Aggregate

Anti Slip / Non Slip Aggregate for use with suitable coatings from within our floor paint range. This specially formulated anti-slip grit is designed to provide increased grip in both dry and wet conditions to improve safety. Produced from fused alumina which gives a very hard and angular shape for good long term durability and chemical resistance.

It is generally reccomended that our Anti Slip Aggregate is evenly broadcast by hand onto the wet first coat as you apply the floor paint coating area by area. This should be allowed to dry, then loose particles brushed away before applying the second coat of floor paint to encapsulate the Anti Slip grit. However, our Anti-slip grit can also be incorporated into the floor paint as an anti-slip additive before application if you wish.

Coverage: varies according to the density of application you require, we recommend over estimating your requirements. The very lightest application of anti slip aggregate which will provide noticeable results is around 300g per square meter. So at 3kg tub will provide enough Anti-Slip aggregate to cover up to 10 square meters.

Anti Slip Aggregate is available in Fine and Medium grades in both 3kg resealable tubs and 25kg sacks.

3 kg£14.34
25 kg£80.53

*all prices include VAT