Microfibre Floor Applicator Pad Refill

Arroworthy Microfibre Refill Pads for our Floor Applicator Block. 10 inch wide pads in 3 different pile heights (6mm, 10mm and 14mm) which fit our 10 inch screw-fit wooden floor applicator block

Use them for fast, even, and bubble-free painting and varnishing of wood floors with both solvent-borne and water-borne varnishes, lacquers, woodstains and sealers etc. The Microfibre pads produce a super smooth finish on floors, with very little shedding, and they can be loaded with a great deal of paint. They are available in three different pile heights to suit different projects:

  • Extra Short Pile (1/4in / 6mm)
  • Short Pile (3/8in / 10mm)
  • Medium Pile (9/16in / 14mm)

Use: Always wash out and dry new pads before using - to remove any loose fibres left over from manufacture. When using with water-borne coatings, always pre-wet the Microfiber Pad and spin dry so that it is barely damp before use, this allows the cover to load and release your water-based coating quickly and evenly.

Cleaning: After use, immediately remove excess coatings from the pad. Water-based coatings - wash in warm soapy water, rinse until clean, spin dry recommended. Oil-based coatings - clean with recommened solvent according to the instructions on the outside of the paint can.

The Arroworthy Microfibre Floor Pad Refills are available in singles..


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Microfibre Floor Applicator Pad Refill