Dust Gripper - Complete

The Dust Gripper is a cheap, but effective lightweight triangular microfibre dusting tool, for the removal of sanding dust and debris from flat walls and ceilings.

It is supplied complete with a 2 - 4ft dedicated twist-lock metal extension pole, 11in triangular swivel head which can easily get into corners, and a removable/washable microfibre dust gripper pad that is fixed to the swivel head using a hook-n-loop tape system. It doesnt matter if the pad gets wet, or even that you use it wet, just wash it out, refit, and carry on removing your sanding dust!

OK, it's El cheapo, and it's not going to last you for ever, but at this price, who's complaining, it's a damn sight cheaper than a Wooster Dust Eater, and is so bloomin useful.



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Dust Gripper - Complete