Mini Paint Roller Refill - Microfibre 4 inch Short Pile

Mini Paint Rollers Refill Short Pile Microfibre Mini Roller, is a 100mm (4 inch) short pile micro fibre fabric mini paint roller refill which fits any of our standard 6mm Mini Roller Frames (listed on the right hand side of this page) .

Soft and absorbent white and yellow striped microfibre fabric that produces a fine even finish with all paints and coatings, such as emulsions and acrylics on smooth surfaces such as interior walls and ceilings, minimising the orange peel effect common with paint roller application. In our tests it performed very similarly to much more expensive brands. 

It performs excellently with thinner coatings, tends to splatter less too. It's not a high capacity, high volume paint roller, instead it tends to get used on projects where you want to achieve a smooth and even end result.


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Mini Paint Rollers Refill Short Pile Micro-fibre Mini Roller sleeve is available to purchase in singles, packs of 10, or bulk packs of 100 mini rollers to save you even more.

pack of 10£6.83
box of 100£65.87

*all prices include VAT