Fossa 4 inch Silver Luxe Mini Paint Roller Refill Medium Pile

High quality Fossa Silver Luxe medium pile (12mm pile height) mini paint roller refill /sleeve for use with all standard solvent-borne and water-borne decorative coatings such as emulsions, acrylics and all oil-based coatings. The Fossa Silver Luxe woven twist pile acrylic fabric offers substantial improvements in paint pick-up and distribution. Suitable for the small, difficult to reach areas with full corner coverage.

Push on/Pull off design for use with standard 6mm diameter Mini Paint Roller frames (see links below photo). 15mm inner core diameter. Available in 100mm (4 inch) size.


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Mini paint roller refills are sold as singles, resealable clam packs of 10, and bulk outer cartons containing 540 sleeves with bulk discount.

pack of 10£4.40
carton of 540£224.26

*all prices include VAT