Mirka Hiflex Abrasive Rolls 115mm wide

Mirka Hiflex is a highly flexible aluminium oxide abrasive / Sandpaper for hand sanding which is supplied in 115 mm wide rolls.

Mirka Hiflex is an unusual and innovative abrasive for a number of reasons. It uses Mirka's resin over resin Progressive BondTM technology to bond the grit to the backing. Progressive BondTM dramatically increases its resistance to cracking due to its excellent flexibility, and also reduces grit shedding. Mirka Hiflex uses a C weight paper which is fully latex impregnated, this is a lighter grade of paper than their traditional Hiomant abrasive used by the decorating industry. However in our tests, as well as being far more flexible, Mirka Hiflex turned out to be much stronger and tear resistant than Hiomant. Its semi-open grit configuration ensures high stock removal with a high quality surface finish.

  • Special Progressive Bond - Improves flexibility and resistance to grit shedding.
  • Flexible Latex paper - Tear resistant but flexible for hand sanding operations.
  • Semi open grit configuration - High stock removal with high quality surface finish.

However despite all of these features and benefits Mirka Hiflex is actually cheaper than Hiomant. In our tests, most decorators who tried Hiflex actually preferred it to Hiomant, feedback included comments from some of the most difficult of decorators to please such as "Spot on!", and "really good!".

Mirka Hiflex is supplied by the meter to save you money, or in 50 meter rolls. You can choose as little or as much as you like and you still get the benefits of our bulk buying power. Available in P40, P60, P80, P100, P120 and P150 grade.

per single meterP40 grade£1.21
roll of 50 metersP40 grade£51.16
per single meterP60 grade£1.00
roll of 50 metersP60 grade£39.88
per single meterP100 grade£0.87
roll of 50 metersP100 grade£35.78
per single meterP120 grade£0.87
roll of 50 metersP120 grade£35.78
per single meterP150 grade£0.87
roll of 50 metersP150 grade£35.78

*all prices include VAT