Mirka Abranet Grip Roll 75mm x 10 meters

Mirka Abranet Grip Rolls, 75mm wide x 10 meters long rolls which you can cut to your own size. The narrower 75 mm wide rolls have proven to be very popular, and based on a cost per square meter, they are one of the cheapest way you can buy the original Abranet abrasive.

A unique multifunctional Aluminium oxide net sanding material, Abranet combines high performance and a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives, making it a cost effective solution. Abranet is designed for dry sanding by machine or by hand. When combined with dust extraction equipment it's genuine dust-free sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment, as well as a better surface finish.

Mirka's Abranet range eliminates the frustrating problem of dust clogging the sandpaper abrasive and creating pills which cause defects in the sanding surface. This ensures Abranet retains its original aggressive sanding performance for far longer, resulting in less abrasive being used on any particular project.

Abranet is suitable for use on Aluminium, Hard wood, MDF / HDF, Mild steel, carbon steel, Non-ferrous metal, Paint stripping and paint removal, Paint sanding, Lacquers, Plaster, Putty, Plastics, Body filler, Primer, Solid surfaces, Soft or Resinous wood, Stainless steel, Steel, Veneer, Cast iron, Chipboard, Concrete, Copper alloys - brass or bronze, and Glass fibre.

You can use it with any of our suitable hook n loop hand sanding blocks and pads when cut to size.

Mirka Abranet rolls are 75mm wide x 10meter long. They are available in the following grits P80, P120, P180 and P240. They are sold in both single rolls, and in packs of 5 rolls, to save you even more.

singleP80 grade£46.08
pack of 5P80 grade£221.49
singleP120 grade£42.96
pack of 5P120 grade£203.60
singleP180 grade£42.96
pack of 5P180 grade£203.60
singleP240 grade£42.96
pack of 5P240 grade£203.60

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Mirka Abranet Grip Roll 75mm x 10 meters