Strip Away - Paint Remover / Paint Stripper System

Langlow Strip Away is an alternative paint remover and paint stripper to Langlow Peel Away 1 - which is now discontinued. After much testing, we're completely confident that you'll like Strip Away, just as much as you liked Peel Away 1.

NEW - Strip Away Paint Remover Sample Testing Kit is now available so you can cheaply try small quantities of different paint removers, to find out which is best for your restoration project, before you buy larger quantities.

The Strip Away Paint Removal System is designed for the complete removal of accumulated layers of traditional paints in one application. The system comprises a ready mixed water-based thixotropic paste incorporating highly alkaline caustic soda that is spread or sprayed over a painted surface. A special laminated polyethylene and fibrous tissue cover is laid over the paste and left until all the paint is emulsified. The emulsified paint is then absorbed back into the paste as it dries on the cover. The cover is then removed complete with paint and paste and the stripped surface washed down. Strip Away and its residue are water soluble.

Strip Away uses Sodium Hydroxide as it's active ingredient. An corrosive alkaline  product which has been in use for many years, commonly known as 'caustic' in the industrial cleaning sector, and often used in Oven Cleaners. Although in Strip Away, it is used in a much higher dilution ratio. It's a much safer and effective system to use than NMP, NEP or Methylene Chloride (DCM) - which is now banned for non-professional use in the EU.

Strip Away capable of liquidizing up to 30 coats of paint in one application. The StripAway system is particularly suited to surfaces involving carvings or mouldings such as ceiling roses, cornice, ornate plasterwork, exterior stonework, carved or turned woodwork, and intricate iron work. It's the only tried and tested method of removing multi-layers of paint from such surfaces without damaging the profiles.

Use Strip Away where there are multi-layers of traditional oil-based paints (lead-based paints, gloss, undercoat, varnish), or, water-based household paints (emulsions) or marine paints on: Soft wood (pine etc.), Bricks, Concrete, Plaster - plain or enriched (cornices and ceiling roses), Cast iron or other metals, and Fibreglass.

Strip Away is sold in 3kg and a bulk 12kg packs at a discounted price. Inside the tub you will also find instructions, application tool, neutraliser, and sufficient Strip Away blankets for the material to be applied.

The 12 kg pack should be sufficient to cover approximately 3.3 square meters at the maximum 3mm spreading rate, and 10 square meters at the minimum 1mm spreading rate. Note: You should use Strip Away LV on Hard woods, Stone, Marble and Aluminium substrates where you wish to minimise the risk of damage and discolouration.

3 kg£32.78
12 kg£111.49

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