Strip Away LV Paint Remover System

Langlow Strip Away LV is our new replacement paint stripper for Langlow Peel Away 7 which was formerly distributed in the UK by Palace Chemicals. We've discontinued the Peel Away 7 Paint Removal System and replaced it with an alternative, but very similar, product which we think you will really like!

NEW - Strip Away Paint Remover Sample Testing Kit is now available so you can cheaply try before you buy.

Langlow Strip Away LV is designed for the complete removal of accumulated layers of paint in one application. The systems comprise a ready mixed paste that is spread or sprayed over a painted surface. A special laminated polyethylene and fibrous tissue cover is laid over the paste and left until all the paint is emulsified. The emulsified paint is then absorbed back into the paste as it dries on the cover. The cover is then removed complete with paint and paste and the stripped surface washed down. Langlow Strip Away LV and its residue are water soluble.

The Langlow Strip Away LV system is particularly suited to surfaces involving carvings or mouldings such as ornate plaster ceilings or exterior stonework, carved or turned woodwork, or intricate iron work where a reverse mould of the stripped surface should be seen on the laminated cover. The Langlow StripAway LV system is the only method of removing multi-layers of paint from such surfaces without damaging the profiles.

Langlow Strip Away LV does not contain methylene chloride, NMP or caustic, instead it uses a mixture of Di-Basic esters and Benzyl Alcohol as it's active ingredients. Di-Basic ester has been around for years as a waste byproduct from the production of Nylon, without any problems. Benzyl Alcohol needs to be used with more caution, and is considered hazzardous, but it is used in many consumer products, and generally perceived to be effective and much safer than it's alternatives DCM, NMP, NEP etc.

There is no need to neutralise, although a final swab of all surfaces with methylated spirits is recommended. Langlow Strip Away LV has a very low rate of evaporation and a high level of biodegradability, because of these safety factors you have to give them a little more time to work than with more aggressive chemical removers. Stays effective and active longer. Use Langlow Strip Away LV where there are multi-layers of oil, or, water-based household paints, polyurethane's, varnish, shellac, most epoxy coatings, urethanes, aluminium paints, marine paints and other chemically resistant coatings on: Wood, Brick, Stone, Concrete, Marble, Plaster - plain or enriched (cornices and ceiling roses), Aluminium, Cast iron or other metals, and Fibreglass (GRP).

Langlow Strip Away LV is available in 5kg and 12kg containers. Both products contain instructions, application tool and sufficient blankets for the material to be applied - inside the tub. 12 kg should be sufficient to cover approximately 4 square meters at the maximum 3mm spreading rate, 8 square meters at a 2mm spreading rate, and 12 square meters at the minimum 1mm spreading rate.

5 kg£72.15
12 kg£132.64

*all prices include VAT