Pioneer Spirit Mixed Bristle Paint Brush

Pioneer Spirit Paint Brush is manufactured using a mixed fill blend of 70% black Chinese bristle and 30% tapered and self-flagging synthetic filament. The natural bristle has been redressed and triple boiled to produce a value for money contractors paint brush with good length-out, ideal for use with all solvent-borne and water-borne paints.

The Pioneer Spirit offers good paint pick-up and release, holds it's shape well when cutting-in, and produces a nice smooth finish. Laquered Kaiser hardwood handle on all brush sizes up to and including 2.5 inch. Laquered Beavertail Hardwood handle on 3 inch and 4 inch brush sizes. Stainless steel ferrule and fixings.

Size Length Out Stock (thickness)
1 inch 52mm 15mm
1.5 inch 68mm 15mm
2 inch 73mm 19mm
2.5 inch 75mm 20mm
3 inch 81mm 20mm
4 inch 87mm 20mm


Pioneer Spirit Paint Brush is available in 1 inch to 4 inch sizes, with additional discounts if you order in carton quantities. It's also available in a 3pc promotional set here.

pack of 6£71.55

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Pioneer Spirit Mixed Bristle Paint Brush