Prestonett Multipurpose Interior Filler

Prestonett Multipurpose Interior Filler is a professional powder filler which dries brilliant white, and can be overcoated with any decorative paint without flashing. It is a real  alternative to the Toupret brand, and is specially formulated to be used on a number of different tasks including; filling walls and ceilings; skim coating and levelling plaster and blockwork surfaces; plaster board jointing; and as an adhesive for fixing plaster coving. It is Beissier's most popular filler with the professional decorator.

Prestonett Multipurpose Interior Filler, fills holes, cracks and framing gaps of up to 50 mm in just one application.  It's quick and easy to mix, offers good trowelling properties, is particularly easy to sand. It dries very quickly, and can be be overcoated with any standard paint or wallpaper.

  • Interior use
  • For filling holes, cracks and framing gaps of up to 50 mm
  • Levelling and skimming surfaces
  • Taping and jointing plasterboards
  • Fixing plaster mouldings, cornices and roses One product for different jobs
  • Filling up to 50 mm
  • Quick and easy to mix
  • Good trowelling properties
  • Easy to sand
  • Dries very quickly
  • Brilliant White

Dilution ratio: 0.5 Litre of water to 1 kg of powder filler. Gradually pour the powder into water, stirring until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Leave the paste to stand for a short time before using. Working time: 60 minutes. Coverage: 1kg of powder fills a volume of 1 litre

Use on: fine-grain concrete, concrete, cellular concrete, cement, concrete block, brick, plaster, plasterboard, stone, glass cloth, and prepared old paint substrates. Preparation: Substrates must be hard, cohesive, clean, sound and dry.

Prestonett Multipurpose Interior Filler is available in 2kg boxes (which contain 2 x sealed 1kg bags of filler, and promotional 7kg resealable plastic buckets (which contain 7 x sealed 1kg bags of filler).

1 kg (split sack - no instructions)£4.29
2 kg (2 x 1 kg bags split sack - no instructions)£7.63
5 kg (5 x 1 kg bags split sack - no instructions)£16.12
7 kg£18.58

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Prestonett Multipurpose Interior Filler

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