Proform Block Head Paint Brush PBT/PET Blend

Proform Block Head Paint Brush is a professional fully synthetic PBT/PET block brush, a softer blend than it's mixed PBT/China bristle brother, and the BIGGEST on the market. It holds more, and delivers more material to the project surface than any other block brush, and it produces an unbeatable finish with it's beautifully soft tips.

It uses a similar blend of filling as the popular Proform Contractor range of paint brushes.

The Proform Block Head Synthetic Paint Brush PBT/PET Blend is ideal for applying large quantities of water-borne paints and stains to big surfaces, like decking, fencing, and masonry projects, where only a brush will do.

  • Biggest Professional Block Brush on the market.
  • Holds more paint, and delivers more material to the surface.
  • Unbeatable finish with it's soft tips.
  • Ideal for big surface projects like decks, fencing, masonry.

Considering the generally low quality of block brush available in the UK, it's no wonder that Professional Decorators don't tend to use them. But the quality of Proforms 'Block Head' range is a revelation, they are absolutely packed full of high quality filling. They ain't cheap either, but considering the amount of high quality bristle/filament filling that goes into making them, it's unsurprising. You could make quite a few paint brushes out of one of these block brushes.

Sealed hardwood construction, round hardwood handle with hanging hole, metal brush rest,  stainless steel ferrule. To fit the brush to an extension pole, the handle fits into the Wooster Lock-Jaw, or, our Metal Tool Holder (see links on right hand side of page).

Size Length Out Stock (dimension)
5 inch 63mm

30 x 125mm

6 inch 70mm

40 x 150 mm


The Proform Block Head Synthetic Paint Brush PBT/PET Blend is available in 5inch, and 6inch sizes.

5 inch£18.03
6 inch£21.74

*all prices include VAT