Pure Lambskin / Sheepskin Floor Applicator Block

100% Pure Sheepskin / Lambskin floor pad applicator block, for fast, uniform, bubble-free coverage with solvent-borne paint and coatings including solvent-modified polyurathanes, wood stain, varnish, floor sealer, floor wax. (Note: use our 'Water Wiz' floor coating applicator for applying water-borne coatings).

Lambswool applicators tend to hold a lot more material than synthetic applicators. For many solvent-borne Polyurethane applications, 'more' is generally better (check with  manufacturers instructions though!). Normally you do want to get as much material on the floor as possible (without forming puddles), and spread it as fast as possible to get the smoothest appearance on the floor. Lambswool applicators tend to do this job well as they hold more material.

The Lamb-skin pad is naturally shed resistant. Manufactured from good quality shearling with an approx 21mm pile / nap. Traditional bare hardwood block floor applicator, which is threaded and fits most of our screw fit extension poles (see links on right hand side of page). Lambskin refills are available from the links on the right hand side of the page.

Brand new, unused natural lambswool applicators tend to shed fibers that can get stuck in the finish. Before using a new one, it's best to comb out the applicator with a pocket comb. You can also wrap it up in standard masking tape, then remove the tape, which generally comes away with plenty of loose fibres. Alternatively some contractors prefer to wash them out (without detergent!) and let them dry before using them.

100% Pure Sheep-skin / Lambskin floor pad applicator block is sold complete as a block and pad. It's available in the following widths 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch inch. It is sold in singles only.

10 inch£13.85
12 inch£16.79
16 inch£18.44
18 inch£24.10

*all prices include VAT